Get Schnockered: Get (verb) to cause to be in one's possession or succeed in having available for one's use or enjoyment; obtain; acquire - Schnockered (adjective) totally shit faced, trashed, inebriated, drunk or sloshed.

The idea of Get Schnockered™ and it's flagship product Sh*t Canned™ has come a long way from the original sketches and scribbles placed on a piece of graph paper back in 2010 by company founder Nick Kenny while at a party with buddies. Over the next few years the product evolved from sketches on a piece of paper, to CAD renderings, 3D printed prototypes, numerous product redesigns and adjustments, to the final product that we have today.

During this time of product development the whole idea and vision of what kind of company we wanted to create evolved.  We no longer wanted to be a simple one product company selling a novelty drinking item, we wanted to be something more.  We decided that Get Schnockered™ would be a "Life Style Brand" based on the simple concept of enjoying life, living in the moment and taking things to the next level. Get Schnockered™ now sells Men's and Women's t-shirts, hats and other apparel items as well as innovative drinking gadgets aimed to help you stand out in the crowd at your next tailgate, keger, house party, college frat or sorority party. 

As a company we strive to bring you innovative products and apparel that are of top quality. If we wouldn't wear it or use it why would anyone else?