Sneak Peak of a Prototype we are working on - Little Sh!t

This is a concept we came up with awhile ago and have been designing over the last few months and plan to release a beta version for sale on our website shortly. The name "Little Sh!t" is derived from this being the little brother to our original product Sh*t Canned - Beer Shotgun Kit and it being a SHOT & HIT, thus the name Sh!t. We still aren't 100% on the name at this point, but that's what we are calling it right now. 

*We are aware of a need to upgrade the stem to something a little bit nicer & maybe being able to do dabs, but for testing this is what we have in it at the moment. 

The  whole concept is simple: 

  1. Fill shot chamber with beverage of choice (liquor, beer, soda, water, etc)
  2. Slip silicone cap onto shot chamber
  3. Load bowl with smoking substance (ie. tobacco)
  4. Bite silicone bite valve and light bowl
  5. Consume beverage
  6. Inhale smoke
  7. Repeat!!!